Kotak My Junior partnered with HT Scholarship Programme, 2018

20 AUGUST, 2019

Kotak My Junior takes a special interest in supporting learning and knowledge based initiatives for its Junior customers and Junior Learner is a vital engagement theme of this programme. As part of the various initiatives undertaken under this theme, young minds were invited to showcase their talent and creativity by participating in the HT Scholarship Programme, 2018.

HT Scholarship Programme 2018 was a 2 month programme which aimed at students from standard V to IX and covered three cities- Mumbai, Pune and Chandigarh, 500 schools. Children were asked to showcase their creativity and originality by submitting an essay on the topic "Are we too dependent on our computers and mobile phones; if yes, how can we reduce the effect?"

There was a heart-warming response for the activity with over 1.2 lakh participants registering their entries. The editorial team of HT shortlisted the most deserving entries and 120 bright kids won a total scholarship of Rs.45 lakhs which was remitted directly in their Kotak My Junior Savings Account.

Kotak My Junior is proud that they were the Banking Partner of this programme and will continue to tie up with many such activities in future as well.

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