Compare Credit Cards & Apply for Best Credit Card in India | Kotak Bank

Compare Credit Cards - Choose the Best Credit Card for You

Kotak Bank offers a wide range of credit cards with different features and benefits linked to them. These credit cards include offers on entertainment, dining, fuel, co-branded purchase, cash-back and travel.

Consider these things before you compare credit cards

  • Purpose of the Card: All credit cards have different benefits and offer various reward programs. Selecting your purpose for using the card will help us show you the most relevant credit cards available
  • City of Residence: Some credit cards have offers on shopping, dining and flights specific to certain cities
  • Employment: Salaried professionals and self-employed professionals have different lifestyles. Choose the credit card that best suits your needs 
  • Monthly Income: Monthly income may be the most important factor to confirm your eligibility for a particular credit card
  • If You Already Own a Credit Card: You will have to mention the bank which has issued you the same and if you do not hold a card, you will have to state whether you have taken a loan previously. This is to check your credit history


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